Starting a business is no easy task, it requires a lot of grit, patience, and a positive mindset. As a business that houses other businesses, we are faced with the challenge of bringing in more quality members; more importantly, we have to provide an ambiance that encourages growth and productivity.

A lot of these businesses set up shop here at Minds to be in the middle of the lovely Wynwood community. We have been fortunate enough to house them, and, for some, see them grow out of the space. Here are just a few:

The Museum of Graffitti

Earlier this year, The Museum of Graffiti moved out of Minds CoWork to its gallery just a few blocks away from us. We were extremely fortunate to have them here, and we miss seeing their art throughout the office.

Their hard work and reputation for creating some of the best street artists out there allowed them to get featured by The New York Times, CBS, and just about every major news outlet.

While Wynwood’s walls are already filled with art, you’ll have to go indoors to see some of the best art that’s ever been put on walls.

Sana Skin Studio

Sana’s location is just down the street from here at Minds CoWork. The company offers goal-driven facials, allowing individuals to have clearer skin.

Their HQ is right here at Minds. George and his team conduct their business here in one of our small private offices. They bring a lot of good energy (and good skincare advice!), to the space. And, being completely honest, every one of our members that has gone to their studio, have become

If you’re due for a facial swing by Sana, and feel free to visit us after for a quick coffee.


Similar to Sana, G.L.O.W. has their location right down the street. We have been fortunate enough to try their froyo and can confirm it’s probably the best in town.

A bit about G.L.O.W: they offer “Super-foods, Super-froyo, for a Super good cause.” Though they aren’t open yet, the Wynwood community is ready to welcome a food establishment that has a purpose beyond whipping up delicious meals. Learn more about how they are empowering young girls across the globe to “do good.”


We have more than one company doing things for the greater good. Long-time Minds inhabitant Nadav Regev started Cicada right here at Minds.

Cicada sells purpose-driven socks that help individuals “walk-the-talk.”

The company launched its online store this past September. Cicada’s socks are thoughtfully-designed to encourage conversations about different topics that affect all of us. So beyond the colorful, loud designs, are messages about serious topics like global warming, air pollution, poaching, and more.

The best part, for every sock sold, $1 will be given to the non-profit organizations that support the cause that’s being shout out on the socks.

Starts Here Wynwood

Starts Here Wynwood is a collective of mental health professionals that provide services for people of all communities.

When James Garcia opened up Starts Here, he had tested out different offices to invite patients. While other offices lacked the facilities to give him the privacy needed for him and his team to work with patients, we were able to help him out with a custom set up.

We have been very lucky to have James and his team conduct seminars and workshops here at Minds, to help entrepreneurs and business owners manage their stress, anxiety, and have more work-life balance.

All These Businesses Started at Minds CoWork and Yours Can Too

Whether you’re a new startup, a solopreneur, or someone that just needs a quiet and safe place to work out of, Minds CoWork has flexible work arrangements to help companies of all sizes scale and grow.