Due to the upheaval that the pandemic has sadly caused, many companies are either constantly pivoting, staying afloat, or redefining their entire business model. When it comes to the giant’s in the co-working industry, it’s WeWork who has been hit the hardest.

With a plummet in memberships and money tied up in new leases, it is no wonder that the hybrid workspace company is making news. One of the reasons there is a rise and fall of global workspace models is due to entrepreneurs and freelancers wanting to stay as local as possible. 

The silver lining in these rather dark times is the growth of said local coworking spaces. Now more than ever, smaller, boutique communal workspaces are looking desirable. But it’s not just the free coffee that is getting members through the door, there are a host of attractive reasons people are staying close to home. 

Put Your Money Where Your Wallet Is

With smaller co-workspaces come smaller overheads, and that’s not to say that they won’t scale, but instead of charging high prices to cover expansion, local communal offices can offer affordable rates.

Incentives like free months, and adjustable pricing based on the business situation, brands are truly able to only pay for what they need. This makes for a more peaceful way of working as you won’t be forking out for high office fees just so you’re team can be under the same roof. No business needs that added stress. 

Support Your City — Especially if It’s Wynwood 😎

It is extremely sad to see independent establishments close down and it is imperative, now more than ever, to try and support your local businesses. Signing up to a local co-workspace means you are not only supporting them but also the businesses around them.

Think of the dry cleaner next door or the coffee shop down the block?

Going to work down the road essentially means you will need other local amenities during your day. These small to-do’s, not to mention an increase in foot traffic, can benefit a city more than you know.

Feel At Home While You Work 

Unlike large corporate workspace chains that can feel somewhat clinical and samey, independent businesses have a more personal touch. Chances are the owner’s work out of the same space as its members, allowing personal feedback flow and open conversations with key players.

Not to mention a sense of comradery with either working with people you know in the neighborhood or meeting new, soon-to-be friends or colleagues. 

Hang Out With The Locals 

Signing up to a local workspace allows you to meet the locals and attend or take part in cross-promoting events that not only bring people together but elevate the community and its livelihoods.

The workspace could join forces with a local beer garden for happy hour, or host panel discussions with CEO’s and business owners in the vicinity allowing more brand exposure and a real good time! The possibilities are endless. 

Minds CoWork is the Marquee Local Coworking Space Wynwood

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