Flexible work arrangements have become the new norm. Throughout the past couple of months, there has been a drastic change made to the way we work, and companies in several industries are now shifting to become more employee-centric.  

We are collectively trying to find a productive way to work without having to succumb to the isolation of a work-from-home arrangement. This is why co-working spaces have gotten a nice bump in business, especially after having protocols introduced to ensure safety

There is another reason why companies are looking into co-working spaces, aside from it leading to more productivity, it’s positively affecting employees’ happiness and easing stress levels. 

Being around other inspiring people from different industries 

How is it affecting happiness? Well, the mere fact that workers are able to converse and learn from people in different industries is giving them a breath of fresh air. Being in a collaborative, flexible location, that houses people with different, independent work styles, is a shock to the system. Especially, for those coming from the corporate world. 

These new ways of thought and different styles of work, introduce a cross-pollination of ideas and “hacks,” that allow people to work faster, and more efficiently. 

In a typical office setting, individuals are trained to work a certain way in order to get their work done. So having more ideas, methods, and techniques from people allows individuals to break out of their creative silos and become a better asset for the company. There are reasons more than sharing a space with freelancers and entrepreneurs that improve employees’ happiness. 

Why Working out of a Shared Office Space is Ideal Right Now 

The first thing that comes to mind is the overall costs, especially if a company’s cash flow is taking a hit. There’s no denying that COVID is hurting a company’s wallet, so the flexibility that shared offices offer (from a contractual level) is better than that of working out of an office. 

You won’t have to worry about paying a mortgage, electricity, wifi, heck, even a daily coffee. For a lot of coworking spaces, they are the same price monthly as spending money at a fancy coffee shop daily. 

Safer than Most Offices

We are sure that there are plenty of offices following protocols set by OSHA, along with the CDC recommendations. There are even rumors of companies doing a soft open, meaning that they are open, however, they are requiring individuals to sit 6 feet apart.  

Being that a coworking space has companies with people of all different backgrounds (artists, entrepreneurs, small businesses, etc.) they have to be mindful of the potential threat that COVID brings. Minds tackles this by having signage, hand sanitizers, giving a light test, and inspection for any new visitors.  

The Community

As mentioned, the fact that a lot of the people come from different backgrounds and industries piques the curiosity of others. There’s usually a lot of healthy conversations and banter among people at shared spaces. 

One of the better parts of working at a co-working space, like Minds CoWork, is the fact that it’s located in one of the bigger metropolitan area in the U.S. More interesting, it’s placed in the middle of the Wynwood art district. So the characters in the space, and in the neighborhood are always interesting. 

Work-Life Balance 

In a recent report by the Wall St. Journal, they noted that people’s careers (especially women) will take a long-term hit because of the pandemic. Why? Well, mothers that have been taking care of their children might not have the flexibility to work from home or have a place to work out of where they can bring their children. 

Considering that some companies are doing small rollouts, parents (both mothers and fathers) might be the ones that are overlooked to get back to work. Companies can provide that work-life balance needed by investing in a coworking space — why? Well, giving parents space to either work away from their children-or-work with the children on site, can give them a sense of normalcy at this time, and a place to go that isn’t as secluded as a work from home arrangement. 

Is It Right to Transition to a Shared Space before Investing in a Private Office? 

Given the current state of affairs, it might not be the right time to invest in a new office space, especially with the future of several industries in danger. We have all been affected by what’s been going on the past 6 months. 

That’s why here at Minds CoWork, we want to ensure that your business is able to recover and come back stronger than before. We have private office spaces available, and our perks and amenities will make your team feel welcome and at home. If you need any information about Minds and the special pricing that we’re using because of COVID19, please reach us at info@mindscowork.com