To say that the future of office-based working has changed forever, would be a rather bold understatement. While large corporate companies are ramping up their strategies to bring teams back into the physical workspace, smaller brands, entrepreneurs, and freelancers are closing the door to heavy, contractual rental spaces and looking to local co-workspaces as their headquarters.

You don’t have to go far to see how or why co-workspaces have redefined the way we work now, and forever. 

Overhead vs. Headcount

Having an official HQ for a team and business may have made sense once upon a time, but the idea of paying money for a brick and mortar office you own or rent feels a little foreign when half to most of the current workforce is logging in remotely.

Rather than paying overheads, dealing with amenities and liabilities, business owners are turning to co-workspaces for their huddling needs.

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Renting desks, with the accessibility to conference rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and WiFi allows a company to save money while offering so much more to its staff (and don’t forget the free coffee). With flexible paying contracts and promotional incentives, there is little to no reason to look a gift horse, high on caffeine, in the mouth. 

Meet You At The Local At 9am?

Not only do co-workspaces offer shorter commute times, but they also allow for a healthy morning routine versus the one where you move from bed to couch to kitchen counter. Depending on how close one is in your vicinity you could either bike, walk, or carpool to the office and do your part for the environment.

Most spaces offer around the clock access too, which means you can start late and end late, or schedule your day around the notion that you have a dedicated desk when you need to plugin. 

Connect to disconnect

Lockdown and working remotely have both proven that a) we can be productive at home, but b) we as humans still need human connection and inspiring conversation. Co-workspaces allow for community building, a place to connect, and sometimes even find purpose.

It can be a solace for some, an escape for others, and a place where dreams can be built. Follow us @MindsCoWork to look at the protocols we’re taking to keep a safe atmosphere.

There are a plethora of reasons why co-workspaces are set up for success in the post-pandemic world. Aside from the above, it can be a place that provides immense comfort, productivity, a place to brainstorm and come together. And that in itself is a really nice thing. 

What’s Your Company’s Post-Pandemic Plan?

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